Privacy Policy

Private information obtained through this website shall be handled as follows, based on the Kumamoto Prefecture Private Information Protection Regulations.

What is private information?

Private information refers to information that may identify a specific person, such as addresses, names, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc. (including information that may be referenced against other information in order to identify a specific person).

Obtaining private information

When private information is obtained by Kumamoto Prefecture through a Kumamoto Prefecture website, it shall be provided at the discretion of the user. The usage purpose(s) for obtaining the private information shall be made clear, and the information shall be used within the scope necessary to achieve that purpose.

Usage and disclosure of private information

The private information provided by users shall be used within the scope of the usage purpose(s) stated in advance. Excluding specific instances described in the Kumamoto Prefecture Private Information Protection Regulations, e.g., if the user consents, private information shall not be used for purposes outside those specified, and shall not be disclosed to third parties.

Management of private information

We shall take the necessary and appropriate measures for appropriate management of information so that there is no leakage of, loss, or damage to the private information obtained from users. Private information that does not need to be kept anymore shall be securely and quickly erased.